Information of Tatesina Platteau Vegetabls

 Last year our sales were of pretty good repute. This year we will try to make the vegetables better matched with the buyers.
This year I tried to pay necessary expense to our collaborator, Mr. Tuneo Igarashi, who is from Yatsugadake View Farm. Up to now, we have bought compost, March( a vinyl used to cover the ridge of a field), seeds and rice nursery as well.
 Crops we are growing include corn, Morocco bean, potato, zucchini, tomato, cucumber, a Spanish paprika., soybean, eggplant, gumbo, beet, carrot, Japanese radish, pumpkin and herb as well.
 Generally we will try to sale all items right here just as we did last year instead of dispatching to other places. However, some customers may expect for delivery as these organically-grown vegetables are of delicious taste and of safety to health. So we would be very pleased to offer delivery service from mid-July
This year the baker in the country house is carrying out his business with <epi> as the majority.
 Up to now, Ms. Kawakatu Hiroko、Ms. Oouchi Sumi、Ms. Hisabori Youko andMs.MoriSumiko have already helped us in tough jobs so that our farm work made great progress.
Fr. Iketa, a priest who often offers food for the homeless in Osaka, once came here and helped us plant potato. Before the plateau vegetables are ready for sale, we are able to sell potatoes and onions grown by Fr.Ikeda and his mates.
 Here we have quite many jobs to do. So we warmly welcome those who would like engaged in rough but passionate work in the mountain


Guide to Laligurans in Tatesina Plateau

Cottageof IgarashiSelf- service
Herb Garden No bedclothes (take sleeping bags with oneself) Cooking:OK:No Food 500 yen/night
Pension・Green SumWell-equipped; No food; 1000 yen/night
Well-equipped; splendid log-house; 900 yen/night (2 free meals)
Hotel.HaigePurveyance to the Imperial Household; 25,000 yen/night with 2 free meals(incl. Tax & service)